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Upcoming Marriage Geek classes

Amazing Marriage 101. Monday, April 19, 6:30-8. This is a 90-minute workshop for anyone who’s in a committed relationship. It’s especially helpful for couples who are parenting young children — a rewarding task, of course, but also one that really takes it toll on a relationship. The research confirms that marital satisfaction takes a hit when the kids are little. It’s a tough time for family balance and often our marriages can end up on the back burner. What does it take to create an amazing marriage? Come check out this positive, entertaining look at what makes marriage tick. This one will really help you figure what’s normal and what you can aim for in a marriage+kids. $50/couple. Register at Reserve your space now. (South)

The Money Fight: Finding Common Values. Sunday, May 2, 4-6:30. Money does not buy happiness, but it doesn’t cause divorces either. Money is the place that lots of couples work out issues of values and trust. Find out your and your partner’s money style, and develop a new strategy for a family money plan that minimizes conflict and deepens your connection. $50/couple. Register at Reserve your space now. (South)

Maureen Campion

Maureen Campion, psychologist, marriage counselor, and director of Parenting Oasis offers marriage education classes. These are classes focused on creating amazing marriages. Most of them are focused on marriages where there are young children but can be helpful for all couples.

“I use the word marriage to signify a sexually bonded intimate attachment relationship in which the partners have made a public, lifelong commitment to one another, regardless of the gender of the partners. I believe that marriage is the strongest foundation for families and as such supporting healthy relationships supports families and children.  I believe in marriage as a community, spiritual and government partnership which is a basic human right. My classes and newsletter are appropriate for all couples in committed, life-long relationships.” -Maureen Campion
Here is what a recent participant had to say about Amazing Marriage 101. “Just wanted to write to tell you how amazing Tuesday’s class was!  We have been seeing a marriage counselor off and on for almost 3 years, and we feel like we learned more in your 90 minute session than all those other therapy sessions combined. I think you’re absolutely right that there’s something to be gained through a marriage class as opposed to couples counseling, because it was really enlightening to see that our issues were so universal and not unique to us at all. It was great just being in the same room as other couples who are having the same struggles.” -Monica